April 10, 2019 Franky Baca

Hello, My name is Franky, I am a self-taught designer, you may have known that already but here's something you probably didn't know. One of the reasons I really wanted to move to LA, by myself!, with no money, almost had to have my sister fly me back home, but it was for a chance to meet one of my idols Kanye West. I wanted to personally tell Ye and Kid Cudi how their music really saved me from my depression when I was a kid. To this day I am still inspired, and I have had just a little bit of success since then but I know with the right guidance I could revolutionize the fashion industry, yup, havent done anything yet! i have great ideas! I have yet to scratch the surface of my ideas. I dream of one-day sharing and working alongside my idols. HOW CAN YOU HELP? WHAT'S IN IT FOR YOU? Look over my work!  in such a short time, no experience ! if you think this work is interesting, JUST WAIT. Maybe you know Kanye or his entourage, DM me who you know and the best way I can communicate or he can see my work. If I work for YEEZY ill give you 25% of my first year's salary or more! Or if I at least talk to him we can work out a deal. Help me live my dream before he moves back to Chicago!   DM (MESSAGE) me on Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/thefrankbaca/


March 19, 2019 Franky Baca

      We are very excited to finally wrap up Season 3 and move toward season 4! As a way to thank all of our friends and supporters we will be giving away a few pairs of our new sneakers! The sneakers will be given away through a raffle! In order to enter the raffle please Direct Message @thefrankbaca on Instagram with your name and your preferred Man or Woman shoe size. We will reply back with your ticket number! We will announce a new winner at the end of the month in APRIL on Instagram! If you win we will contact you and confirm your preferred shoe size and shipping address.   * additional raffle tickets To get 3 raffle tickets placed in the drawing tag two of your friends to a recent Instagram post (make sure to mention you tagged two friends to us when you DM your shoe size!) Thank you, and good luck!    -Franky

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February 09, 2019 Franky Baca

2018. Franky Baca. Photoshoot s1/s2.

October 22, 2017 Franky Baca


July 26, 2017 Franky Baca