Franky Baca is a Italian / Mexican - American actor. Franky grew up in South San Francisco and studied general education and theater at Lincoln Preforming Arts School. Franky first began performing in 2004. During his fine arts training, Franky studied and continues to study under many acclaimed performers since he moved to Los Angeles in 2017. Franky has been actively working in Hollywood, California.



As an artist with passion and dedication to acting, my mission is to get people to feel empathy, connect with my audience further than acting. I approach each situation with honesty and compassion, acting is no exception. I want the audience to feel my perseverance, my heart, pain, and hope. My goal is to show the audience members my story, to leave beautiful thought provoking images in there mind and to use in there own daily lives. I work to improve everyday, make intelligent decisions everyday, and by doing so I hope to bring the playwright’s words to life, serving the story exactly as intended.









PH: 408.772.2873